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Delphine Silverstar
18 February
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Lessee... I'm a wolfydragon. Normally, this is all an educated person needs to know to understand all about me but for those who have not had the opportunity of extended study, I shall elaborate. The entire point and purpose of wolfydragons is their innate softness which makes them supremely cuddly. As such, they are affectionate, patient, friendly, kind, perpetually cheerful, and helplessly addicted to plush tails like those attached to the wonderfully firm lower ends of kitsunes and foxxies. To be properly soft, wolfdragons are obligated to have an avid interest in eduction, knowledge, reading, and writing; to be properly bouncy, they are required to engage in computer games and endless arrays of online conversation. Needless to say, wolfydragons have an affinity for natives of Canada and Austrailia because these two countries produce unusually kewlies people. Inasmuch as I am a proud member in excellent standing of the wolfydragon race, all these things apply to me. :)