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On the latest shooting...

Evil exists. It is real, and it means to harm us, whether by the black despair that threatened to oppress each of us at various times or by the wicked devices of evil men. The work of this young man in Conneticuit was as evil as the work of any man can be; some men have achieved a more monstrous scale but when you set your hand against the innocent and heedlessly slay the most innocent and defenseless, there is no greater depth of evil possible.

But to believe in evil is to believe in good as well, and to believe in the ultimate agent of evil is to believe in the ultimate agent of good. Though I doubt it can comfort those families who had their precious loved ones, their precious children torn from them by the works of this evil young man, I know that those innocent little children are beyond pain, beyond suffering, forever removed from the power of evil to harm them, encompassed by the infinate and unimaginable love of their Maker and waiting for the time, not far distant from the perspective of their precious spirits, that they will welcome their loved ones home as well. I also know that God is near at hand for the living bereaved, who now know pain that can only be comprehended by that Son of God who accepted unto Himself all the sins, all the sorrows, all the suffering and agonies of all the children of men who had come and would ever come to live; and I know that He weeps with them and for them, and that at this time of their darkest hour, He is there to carry them, for such is the nature of God and such is the nature of His Son.

Good is always stronger, and greater, and victorious; even when it appears otherwise, good is always the stronger. The night is darkest just before the dawn, but the dawn always, always comes. I hope that the thoughts of whoever reads this are with these families and for those of you who also believe, I hope your prayers are with them too.
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