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Engineering apocalypse

Yanno, there's a damn good reason I love Confused Matthew's reviews of movies: he's a pretty sharp guy and says some pretty thoughtful things so I can actually comment on parts of his movie reviews that are not actually about the movies he reviews. Now onto Part Three of his T2 review, he commented that the creators of things like the nuclear fission bomb had nothing to do with its use. The only problem with this is that the scientists of the Manhatten Project knew that they were creating a military device that the military would use. As commentator Bill Whittle pointed out some years ago, the military used atomic weapons in the only way that they could have: aiming them at military targets in relatively untouched cities after warning the civilians of those cities that they were planning to obliterate them. It was simply not possible to demonstrate the atomic bombs because it would have required that the people they were trying to intimidate (the Japanese) be told exactly where and when they could see this amazing wonder-weapon be demonstrated.

Beyond specific examples, however, Matthew is right to point out that the makers of things that are later used for evil ends have no control and usually have no knowledge of the way that their creations will be used; being generally good men, they cannot conceive of their scientific advancements being used to harm people. Which, in the context of the movie review, means that the creator of SkyNet bore no responsibility whatsoever for what SkyNet did. Which is a really big thought to fit your head around because it essentially means that no one bore any responsibility for the near-annihilation of the human race.
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