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One for the million?

I was recently watching a video review of the movie "Terminator 2" and the reviewer, who uses the name Confused Matthew, was using the scene where Sarah Connors nearly murders a Dr. Miles Dyson (whose name, in my opinion, says volumes about the importance of this man: a British name combined with the surname "Dyson" is always highly auspicious for your scientific future) to ask the question of whether it's justified to kill one man in cold blood to save millions. He then states that he doesn't know whether it is, and that there's no one in the world wise enough to answer the question. He also states that whatever the future consequences, murdering one man in cold blood in front of his family is wrong.

Now, I don't regard myself as fabulously wise but for me, the answer is very easy, even if the execution would not be: of course it's justified. If it's just to wield atomic weapons against two cities to save millions, it's just to kill one man to achieve the same end.
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