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Relpying to CC: "NAACP passes resolution in support of marriage equality"

For the longest time, it has been my private impression that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People doesn't care about colored people and cares so little about their advancement that they might as well actively oppose it. This pretty much just reinforces that impression. As near as we can tell, a significant majority of colored people are devoutly Christian and as part of this, strongly opposed to gay marriage. For the NAACP to pass this kind of resolution effectively tells a majority of those that they purportedly represent to pound sand and no organization that really cares about the advancement of colored people would not be so arrogant that they use their status as the presumed voice of those they represent to oppose the wishes of their constituents.

There's also an aspect of this that makes me slightly angry. The NAACP was formed prior to the events of the civil rights marches of the 1960s. This organization existed as a voice for colored people through a very difficult time in which they watched those they represented imprisoned, attacked by dogs, drenched with fire hoses, and abused in unconscionable ways for the simple crime of assembling to petition for the redress of grievances. They watched colored people attacked and abused in their struggle to achieve full equality, watched their churches firebombed, their homes attacked, the buses of the Freedom Riders attacked, and all in response to nonviolent means of protest and most significantly, protest marches. Colored people, blacks, endured real hardship in their struggle and won the day with blood, sweat, tears, and appealing to the goodness in men in the finest of democratic traditions.

And then the NAACP sits there and says that a minority group that is wildly feted when they do annual marches through the streets making completely asses of themselves has a cause comparable to that of the colored people. What a fine thing to throw in the faces of people who BLED for their rights, had churches and homes and bushes FIREBOMBED for their rights, had vicious dogs ATTACK THEM for their rights, had mobs DRAG THEM TO A TREE AND HANG THEM for daring to want their rights. It is true that gays have suffered greatly through history but they have always had the vote, always been free from the threat of slavery, and always regarded as full citizens with full civil rights. There is no comparison. None. And by throwing in with the chucklehead "gay rights" groups and pretending that their struggle for marriage is even REMOTELY comparable to the black struggle for the most basic civil right that exists in a republic, the NAACP is spitting in the faces of the veterans of a real civil rights movement.
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