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One for the million?

I was recently watching a video review of the movie "Terminator 2" and the reviewer, who uses the name Confused Matthew, was using the scene where Sarah Connors nearly murders a Dr. Miles Dyson (whose name, in my opinion, says volumes about the importance of this man: a British name combined with the surname "Dyson" is always highly auspicious for your scientific future) to ask the question of whether it's justified to kill one man in cold blood to save millions. He then states that he doesn't know whether it is, and that there's no one in the world wise enough to answer the question. He also states that whatever the future consequences, murdering one man in cold blood in front of his family is wrong.

Now, I don't regard myself as fabulously wise but for me, the answer is very easy, even if the execution would not be: of course it's justified. If it's just to wield atomic weapons against two cities to save millions, it's just to kill one man to achieve the same end.
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I would agree.. but.. doing what they ultimately did, turning him to their cause, turned out to be much, much better.

The atomic strike was necessary because you had a group of people who not only could not be turned en masse, but their leaders actually pretty much needed a sign of divine intervention in order to change their minds... and it took that kind of shock and awe to present "divine" intervention sufficient to give them an excuse to surrender with honor.

If Dyson had been spoken to and responded with, "Heck with that, I'm doing this anyways! I'll just make sure it isn't used wrongly somehow!" then kill him, unquestionably. Even if it's in front of his family. But at the time, he was an innocent man with the best intentions who *did not know* what it would lead to and deserved the chance he got to 'redeem himself'.

And boy, did he redeem himself!
I'm impressed by your movie knowledge, Gothe, but my statement was general, not specific. I explained the situation that inspired my contemplation but I wasn't positing how I would react to the specific situation.

And I'm almost disappointed; I've never seen the movie and was looking forward to finding out what happened via the reviews i was watching.
I'm sorry! But really, you should see it for yourself... :)

Watch the original Terminator first. It's a "stealth movie", a B-movie feel that added in a surprising amount of detail and consideration. Just kind of glance past the sex scene in the middle... it's an 80's thing.

Then watch Terminator 2, now that you've got the background.

It's honestly one of my favorite movies.

T3 was weak, but T4 was really interesting.
I actually saw the first Terminator and found it extremely forgettable. I don't remember why but the Terminator movies in general have never been interesting to me.

T4 was... interesting. Yes, that's a good word for it. So far as I can tell, all of the movies after #2 existed to milk the franchise dry but little else.