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"Pride" Days

Anyone who's ever read my LJ entries touching on LGBT issues probably knows where this is going but I always think it needs to be said anyway. There is absolutely no purpose whatsoever behind LGBT pride days, parades, events, carnivals, any whatever else is involved. I hold that it must be embarrassing in the extreme to be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, LGBT person who makes no special issue of their sexuality but is even peripherally associated with these extremely clownish puerile displays. Speaking as someone who's not LGBT, I tend to take pride in my talents, the good people I know, the wonderful family I have, and other wonderful slices of life that can't be quantified; to be proud of my sexuality would never occur to me because it's just a component of my identity, not something I've acquired or worked for or in any way earned. There's nothing about it to take pride in and inasmuch as I see the theme of "my sexuality is part of my identity" repeated by LGBT people discussing the matter, I don't understand why they regard their sexuality as a matter of pride either; like me, it's just a component of their identity that is unearned and required no work to achieve.
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