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Replying to CC Double Header: CC Amendment One Ruminations

A double-header! I've been waiting like a hungry tiger for this to wander into my clutches and now, I feast. First, the actual response from the "Courage" Campaign to getting a boot firmly applied to their butts:

"Composition of the electorate drove the outcome"
Yes, but not the way they were hoping. See, the winner in any election is the most motivated and the most organized. By obsessing over the fact that young people are supposedly their friend in the gay marriage arena, they've totally missed that the electorate they're pinning their hopes on is the least reliable. With maturity comes reliability but also with maturity comes conservatism in a great many instances. Life experiences harden people and make them less willing to buy into warm fuzzy nebulous things like "gay marriage is equivalent to giving black people the vote". This is why I remain confident that time will always be on the side of the old fuddy-duddys absent a real and legitimate instance of rights being denied people.

“We didn’t lose, we just ran out of time”
Cutting a lead from 27 to 21 isn't a big deal when you're drowning everyone you meet in bleeding-heart pathos with the object of convincing them to stop thinking and just do what you say is right. Pure emotion campaigning is so powerful that if they failed only for lack of time, the numbers would have been vastly closer.

"Why did Amendment 1 pass by such a large margin?"
Easy: their polling indicating that the nation is all good with gay marriage suffers the "Wilder Effect" in spades: those being polled give the pollster the answer they think is socially acceptable instead of the truth (and I was surprised to see that the CC admits to the Wilder Effect (also called the Bradley Effect) being in play). Polls are great but whenever people are given a chance to express their opinion with a ballot, their true opinions come out. And the true opinion of the American people is that marriage is just fine the way it is, thank you very much.

"Was Amendment 1 worth fighting against, and what did we accomplish?"
For them, it was. I'm actually pleased they fought it because it proves their utter impotence when it comes to winning the allegiance of the governed. What did they accomplish? They proved that propagandistic firepower isn't enough to overcome the consent of the governed standard--and that their only hope is to take a drill to the kneecaps of the democracy.

And now for the second:

This is especially rich and delicious. They've become so convinced that their cause is equivalent to Ghandi's crusade to free India and Martin Luther King Jr's efforts to kill official racial discrimination that they've started adopted the tactics that figured prominently into those icons' work. On one hand, I'm glad that they're not going around abusing and hating like they did after Proposition 8. On the other hand, they're being completely infantile. What is this supposed to accomplish other than making ordinary people annoyed that they're still making trouble after the election and making insightful people appalled at their arrogance? The childish self-regard these folks have for their own alleged moral superiority still floors me despite having spent years watching it in operation. There's a damn good reason that ordinary respectable LGBT people stay far away from these witless fools.
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